Adaptaflex flexible conduit systems are used to protect critical power and data cabling. Established in 1972 they have developed one of the broadest ranges of flexible conduit systems in the market.

They provide system solutions for leading organisations in technically demanding markets such as machinery, construction, rail infrastructure, marine and mechnical. With a comprehensive range of products, the range includes non-metallic and metallic flexible conduit systems.

Metallic conduit sytems.

Adaptaflex have a choice of fifteen individual metallic conduit systems manufactured either in galvanized steel or stainless steel.
A range of 3 different conduit types provide a solution for liquid resistant specifications with a further 3 conduit options in liquid tight covered steel conduit for especially demanding environments. Conduit ranges are offered in nominal conduit size from 3mm for CCTV/roller shutter doors and for protecting fibre optics cables right up to 75mm for larger cable carrying capacity.

Non-metallic conduit systems.

Adaptaflex have more than 20 different types of non metallic conduit systems all providing different technical properties for your cable management applications. Conduit is available in many different materials, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight with nominal conduit sizes from 10mm right up to the jumbo size of 106mm.

For more demanding applications please see our high performance conduit section where there is a wide range of high specification conduit with enhanced low fire hazard properties, EMI screening and incorporating high fatigue life. Overbraided options are available for use in abrasive environments.

Adaptaflex products

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