JST BD connector series part numbers

All BD connector series part numbers shown here are currently available from JST, their appearance here does not necessarily mean that they are stock items at Cablectrix.  For more information, pricing and availability please contact us and we will do everything we can to help.

3.5mm pitch. The BD connector series introduced by JST is a 2 circuit, 3.5mm pitch wire to board connector. This small and low profile connector has a high voltage rating of 1,400 volts, which makes it an ideal connector for backlight applications of LCD's (liquid crystal displays). The BD connector also incorporates a unique locking feature, which makes this connector one of the most robust connectors of its type in the industry.

BD Connector 3.5mm pitch Wire To Board crimp style connectors

BDMR-02VS-2 Housing 2 circuits

Through-hole type
S02-BDS-3-B Header 2 circuits

SMT type
SM02-BDS-3-TB Header 2 circuits

PDF: BD 3.5mm pitch Connector

BD Connector 13mm pitch. Originally designed for the power supply of large LCD's (liquid crystal displays) backlight applications, the 13mm pitch BD connector is considered very compact for a 3,000V rated connector.

BDAMR-02VAS-3 Housing 2 circuits

Shrouded header
SM02-BDAS-3-TB Shrouded header connector 2 circuits

PDF: BD 13mm pitch Connector