Richco cable tie bases

All cable tie base part numbers shown here are currently available from the manufacturer, their appearance here does not necessarily mean that they are stock items at Cablectrix. For more information, pricing and availability please contact us and we will do everything we can to help.

RG-426 - Flat Tie Holder,Nat
RG-427 - Flat Tie Holder,Nat
RG-430 - Cable clamp,Adh,Nat
RG-467 - Flat Tie Holder,Adh,2 Way,Nat
RG-467-3MV - Flat Tie Holder,Adh,2 Way,Nat
RG-473 - Flat Tie Holder,Adh,2 Way,Nat
FTH-10-01-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-1-01-M - Cable Tie Holder,Scrw Mnt,Nat
FTH-10A-RT-M - Cable Tie Holder,Adh Mnt,Nat
FTH-11-10-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-11-8-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-1-19-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-13R-01BK-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Rivet Mnt,Black
FTH-13R-01-C - Cbl Tie Holder,Rivet Mnt,Nat
FTH-13R-01-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Rivet Mnt,Natural
FTH-13R-19-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Rivet Mnt,Natural
FTH-13S-01BK-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Black
FTH-13S-01-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-13S-19-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-13S-UVB-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Rivet Mnt,UV Blck
FTH-14R-01BK-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Rivet Mnt,Black
FTH-14R-01-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Rivet Mnt,Natural
FTH-14R-19-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Rivet Mnt,Natural
FTH-14R-UVB-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Rivet Mnt,UV Blck
FTH-14S-01BK-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Black
FTH-14S-01-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-14S-19-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-15-01-M - Cable Tie Hldr,Blnd Hl Mnt,Nat
FTH-15-19-M - Cable Tie Hldr,Blnd Hl Mnt,Nat
FTH-17-8-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-21-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-22-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Adh Mnt,Yellow
FTH-24-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-24-1-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-27-1-19BK - Cable Tie Holder,Sq Hl Mnt,Blk
FTH-27-12-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-27-2-01BK - Cable Tie Holder,Sq Hl Mnt,Blk
FTH-27-2-19BK - Cable Tie Hldr,Sq Hole Mnt,Blk
FTH-27-RS-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Rvt/Screw Mnt,Nat
FTH-28RS-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Rvt/Screw Mnt,Nat
FTH-29-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Arrow Mnt,Natural
FTH-2A4-RT-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Adh Mnt,Natural
FTH-30-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Arrow Mnt,Natural
FTH-30-19 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Arrow Mnt,Natural
FTH-3-01BK-M - Cbl Tie Holder,Arrow Mnt,Black
FTH-3-01-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Arrow Mnt,Natural
FTH-31-01 - Edge Clip Tie Holder,Black
FTH-3-19-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Arrow Mnt,Natural
FTH-31-UVB - Edge Clip Tie Holder,Black
FTH-33-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Arrow Mnt,Natural
FTH-33-19 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Arrow Mnt,Natural
FTH-33-1-ASS - Cable Tie Holder,Black
FTH-34-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-35-01 - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-36-01BK - Cable Tie Holder,Black
FTH-36-1-ASS - Cable Tie Holder,Black
FTH-37-01BK - Cable Tie Holder,Black
FTH-37-1-ASS - Cable Tie Holder,Black
FTH-39-1-19 - Cable Tie Holder,Natural
FTH-3A-01 - Cable Tie Holder,Arrow Mnt,Nat
FTH-40 - Cbl Tie Hldr,No Adh,White
FTH-4-01-M - Cbl Tie Holder,Screw Mnt,Nat
FTH-40A1-RT - Cbl Tie Hldr,Adh Mount,White
FTH-40A-RT - Cbl Tie Hldr,Adh Mount,White
FTH-41-01 - Cable Tie Holder,Arrow Mnt,Nat
FTH-41-19 - Cable Tie Holder,Arrow Mnt,Nat
FTH-42-1-01BK - Cable Tie Holder,Dual Mnt,Blk
FTH-42-2-01 - Cable Tie Holder,Dual Mnt,Nat
FTH-42-2-01BK - Cable Tie Holder,Dual Mnt,Blk
FTH-42-3-01 - Cable Tie Holder,Dual Mnt,Nat
FTH-42-3-01BK - Cable Tie Holder,Dual Mnt,Blk
FTH-4A-RT-M - Cable Tie Holder,Adh Mnt,Nat
FTH-4A-RT-UVB-M - Cbl Tie Holdr,Adh Mnt,UV Blk
FTH-5-01-M - Cable Tie Holder,Screw Mnt,Nat
FTH-5A1-RT-M - Cable Tie Holder,Adh Mnt,Nat
FTH-5A4-RT-M - Cable Tie Holder,Natural
FTH-5A4-RT-UVB - Cable Tie Holder,Mnt,Black
FTH-5-UVB-M - Cable Tie Holder,Screw Mnt,Blk
FTH-6-01BK-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Arrow Mnt,Black
FTH-6-01-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Arrow Mnt,Natural
FTH-6-19-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Arrow Mnt,Natural
FTH-7-01-M - Cable Tie Holder,Screw Mnt,Nat
FTH-7A1-RT-M - Cable Tie Holder,Adh Mnt,Nat
FTH-7A4-RT-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Adh Mnt,Natural
FTH-8-01-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Screw Mnt,Natural
FTH-8A-RT-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Adh Mnt,Natural
FTH-9-01-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Arrow Mnt,Natural
FTH-9-19-M - Cbl Tie Hldr,Arrow Mnt,Natural
LTOB-1 - Ladder Tie,Adh Base,Natural
MFTH-2-01A1-M - MFTH-2-01A1-RT-M
MFTH-2-01A4-RT - MFTH-2-01A4-RT-M,T Hldr Bs,Nat
RTC-2WH - Cable Tie Base, White