Richco wire saddles

All wire saddle part numbers shown here are currently available from the manufacturer, their appearance here does not necessarily mean that they are stock items at Cablectrix. For more information, pricing and availability please contact us and we will do everything we can to help.

EHWSE-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mnt,Natural
EWSE-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mnt,Black
EWSE-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mnt,Black
EWSE-12.8-01 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mnt,Natural
EWSE-12.8-19 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mnt,Natural
EWSE-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mnt,Natural
EWSE-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mnt,Natural
EWSE-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mount,Grey
EWSE-3-19 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mount,Grey
EWSE-8.1-01 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mount,Natural
EWSE-8.1-19 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mnt,Natural
EWSJS-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Edge/Hole Mnt,Natural
EWSJS-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Edge/Hole Mnt,Natural
EWSJS-1-19BK - Wire Sdl,Edge/Hole Mnt,Black
FCWSS-1-01BK - Flat Cable Wire Saddle,Black
FCWSS-1-19BK - Flat Cable Wire Saddle,Black
FCWSS-2-01BK - Flat Cable Wire Saddle,Black
HCS1-01 - Hinged Cable Saddle,Natural
HCS1-UVB - Hinged Cable Saddle,UV Black
HCS2-01 - Hinged Cable Saddle,Natural
HCS2-UVB - Hinged Cable Saddle,UV Black
HEWSE-22-01 - Wire Sdl,Edge/Hole Mnt,Natural
HEWSE-22-109RD - Wire Sdl,Edge/Hole Mnt,Red
HEWSE-22-19 - Wire Sdl,Edge/Hole Mnt,Natural
HEWSE-25-01 - Wire Sdl,Edge/Hole Mnt,Natural
LEWSE-14-01 - Wire Sadle,Edge Mount,Natural
LEWSE-14-19 - Wire Sadle,Edge Mount,Natural
LEWSE-18.4-01 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mnt,Natural
LEWSE-18.4-19 - Wire Sdl,Edge Mnt,Natural
LEWSE-19-01 - Wire Sadle,Edge Mount,Natural
LEWSE-19-19 - Wire Sadle,Edge Mount,Natural
LEWSE-21-01 - Wire Sadle,Edge Mount,Natural
LEWSE-21-19 - Wire Sadle,Edge Mount,Natural
LEWSE-27-01 - Wire Sadle,Edge Mount,Natural
LWS-1-01 - Wire Saddle,Snap Lock Mnt,Nat
LWS-1-19 - Wire Saddle,Snap Lock Mnt,Nat
LWS-2-01 - Wire Saddle,Snap Lock Mnt,Nat
LWS-2-19 - Wire Saddle,Snap Lock Mnt,Nat
LWS-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Snap Lock Mnt,Nat
LWS-3-19 - Wire Saddle,Snap Lock Mnt,Nat
LWS-4-01 - Wire Saddle,Snap Lock Mnt,Nat
LWS-4-19 - Wire Saddle,Snap Lock Mnt,Nat
LWS-9-1-01 - Lock Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Nat
LWS-9-1-19 - Lock Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Nat
LWS-9-2-01 - Lock Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Nat
LWS-9-2-19 - Lock Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Nat
LWS-9-3-01 - Lock Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Nat
LWS-9-3-19 - Lock Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Nat
LWS-9-4-01 - Lock Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-1-01 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-1-19 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-2-01 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-2-1-01 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-2-19 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-2-2-01 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-2-2-19 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-2-3-01 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-2-4-01 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-2-4-19 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-3-01 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-3-19 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-4-01 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWS-A-4-19 - Lock Wire Saddle,Arrow Mnt,Nat
LWSBH-1-01 - Lock Wire Sdl,Blind Hl Mnt,Nat
LWSBH-2-01 - Lock Wire Sdl,Blind Hl Mnt,Nat
LWSBH-2-19 - Lock Wire Sdl,Blind Hl Mnt,Nat
LWSBH-3-01 - Lock Wire Sdl,Blind Hl Mnt,Nat
LWSBH-4-01 - Lock Wire Sdl,Blind Hl Mnt,Nat
LWS-SE2-1-01 - Lock Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Nat
LWS-SE2-1-19BK - Lock Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Black
LWS-SE2-2-01 - Lock Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Nat
LWS-SH-1-01 - Lck Wire Sdl,Square Hl Mnt,Nat
LWS-SH-3-01 - Lck Wire Sdl,Square Hl Mnt,Nat
LWS-SR-1-01 - Lock Wire Saddle,Rivet Mnt,Nat
LWS-SR-2-01 - Lock Wire Saddle,Rivet Mnt,Nat
LWS-SR-3-01 - Lock Wire Saddle,Rivet Mnt,Nat
LWS-SR-4-01 - Lock Wire Saddle,Rivet Mnt,Nat
PWS-1-104 - Pico Wire Saddle,Natural
RWS-10-01 - Wire Saddle,Round,Self Mnt,Nat
RWS-10-01BK - Wire Saddle,Round,Self Mnt,Blk
RWS-10-19 - Wire Saddle,Round,Self Mnt,Nat
RWS-16-01 - Wire Saddle,Round,Self Mnt,Nat
RWS-16-01BK - Wire Saddle,Round,Self Mnt,Blk
RWS-16-19 - Wire Saddle,Round,Self Mnt,Nat
RWSB-10-01 - Wire Saddle,Round,No Adh,Nat
RWSB-10-01A-RT - Wire Saddle,Round,Adh Mnt,Nat
RWSB-16-01 - Wire Saddle,Round,No Adh,Nat
RWSB-16-01A-RT - Wire Saddle,Round,Adh Mnt,Nat
SLCS2-250-26-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS2-250-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS2-250-8-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS2-370-16-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS2-370-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS2-500-16-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS2-500-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-250-10-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-250-12-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-250-14-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-250-16-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-250-16-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-250-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-250-3-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-250-4-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-250-6-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-250-6-01BK - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Black
SLCS-250-8-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS2-750-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-370-10-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-370-10-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-370-12-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-370-14-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-370-16-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-370-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-370-4-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-370-4-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-370-6-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-370-8-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-500-10-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-500-12-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-500-14-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-500-16-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-500-16-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-500-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-500-3-01BK - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Black
SLCS-500-3-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-500-4-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-500-6-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-500-6-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-500-8-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-750-10-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-750-12-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-750-14-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-750-16-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-750-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-750-3-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-750-4-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-750-6-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCS-750-8-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE2-250-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE2-250-6-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE2-250-8-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE2-370-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE2-370-6-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE2-500-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE2-500-4-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE2-500-6-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE2-500-8-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-250-10-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-250-14-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-250-14-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-250-16-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-250-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-250-6-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-250-6-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-250-8-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE2-750-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE2-750-6-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE2-750-8-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-370-10-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-370-12-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-370-16-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-370-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-370-3-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-370-4-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-370-4-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-370-6-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-370-6-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-370-8-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-500-10-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-500-12-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-500-12-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-500-14-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-500-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-500-3-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-500-4-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-500-6-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-500-8-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-500-8-109 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-750-10-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-750-12-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-750-16-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-750-3-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-750-3-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-750-4-01 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-750-6-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-750-8-01 - Wire Sdl,Spacer,Natural
SLCSE-750-8-19 - Wire Saddle,Spacer,Natural
SMWSLT-1-19 - Wire Saddle,Side Mount,Natural
WS-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Snap Lck Mnt,Natural
WS-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Snap Lck Mnt,Natural
WS-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Snap Lck Mnt,Natural
WS-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Snap Lck Mnt,Natural
WS-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Snap Lck Mnt,Natural
WS-3-19 - Wire Sdl,Snap Lck Mnt,Natural
WS-4-01 - Wire Sdl,Snap Lck Mnt,Natural
WS-4-19 - Wire Sdl,Snap Lck Mnt,Natural
WS-9-1-01 - Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Natural
WS-9-1-19 - Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Natural
WS-9-2-01 - Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Natural
WS-9-2-19 - Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Natural
WS-9-3-01 - Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Natural
WS-9-3-19 - Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Natural
WS-9-4-01 - Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Natural
WS-9-4-19 - Wire Sdl,1/4 Turn Mnt,Natural
WS-A-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-2-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-2-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-2-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-2-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-2-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-2-4-01 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-2-4-19 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-3-19 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-4-01 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WS-A-4-19 - Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natural
WSB-2-01A4-RT - Wire Sdl,Adh Mnt,Natural
WSB-2-19A4-RT - Wire Sdl,Adh Mnt,Natural
WSBH-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Blind Hole Mnt,Natura
WSBH-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Blind Hole Mnt,Natura
WSBH-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Blind Hole Mnt,Natura
WSBH-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Blind Hole Mnt,Natura
WSBH-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Blind Hole Mnt,Natura
WSBH-4-01 - Wire Sdl,Blind Hole Mnt,Natura
WSLT-01-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-01-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-01A-01 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-01A-19 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-01A-19BK - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Black
WSLT-02-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-02-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-02A-01 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-02A-19 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-02A-19BK - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Black
WSLT-03-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-03-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-03-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-03-3-19 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-03-3-19BK - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Black
WSLT-3.5-2-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-3.5-2-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Locking Top,Natural
WSLT-9-01-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,1/4 Turn Mnt
WSLT-9-01-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,1/4 Turn Mnt
WSLT-9-01A-01 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,1/4 Turn Mnt
WSLT-9-01A-19 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,1/4 Turn Mnt
WSLT-9-02-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,1/4 Turn Mnt
WSLT-9-02A-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,1/4 Turn Mnt
WSLT-9-02A-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,1/4 Turn Mnt
WSLT-9-03-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,1/4 Turn Mnt
WSLT-9-03-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,1/4 Turn Mnt
WSLT-9-03-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,1/4 Turn Mnt
WSLTB-01A-19 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,Screw Mnt,Na
WSLTB-01A-19A - WSLTB-01A-19A-RT
WSLTB-02A-19 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,Screw Mnt,Na
WSLTB-02A-19A - WSLTB-02A-19A-RT
WSLTB-03A-19A - WSLTB-03A-19A-RT
WSLTRA-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,Rel,Natural
WSLTRA-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Lock Top,Rel,Natural
WSLT-T-01A-19 - Wire Saddle,Lock Top,Black
WS-SE1-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Natural
WS-SE1-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Natural
WS-SE1-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Natural
WS-SE1-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Natural
WS-SE1-3-19 - Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Natural
WS-SE2-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Natural
WS-SE2-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Natural
WS-SE2-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Natural
WS-SE2-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Natural
WS-SE3-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Side Entry,Natural
WS-SE-A-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Side Ent,Arrow Mnt,Na
WS-SE-A-1-19 - Wire Sdl,Side Ent,Arrow Mnt,Na
WS-SE-A-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Side Ent,Arrow Mnt,Na
WS-SE-A-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Side Ent,Arrow Mnt,Na
WS-SE-A-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Side Ent,Arrow Mnt,Na
WS-SE-A-4-01 - Wire Sdl,Side Ent,Cpd Arrow Mn
WS-SE-A-4-109 - Wire Sdl,Side Ent,Cpd Arrow Mn
WS-SE-B-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Side Ent,Adh Mnt,Natu
WS-SE-B-1-01A - WS-SE-B-1-01A-RT
WS-SE-B-1-19A - WS-SE-B-1-19A-RT
WS-SE-B-2-01A - WS-SE-B-2-01A-RT
WS-SH-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Square Hole Mnt,Natur
WS-SH-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Square Hole Mnt,Natur
WS-SH-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Square Hole Mnt,Natur
WS-SH-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Square Hole Mnt,Natur
WS-SH-4-01 - Wire Sdl,Square Hole Mnt,Natur
WS-SR-1-01 - Wire Sdl,Rivet Mount,Natural
WS-SR-2-01 - Wire Sdl,Rivet Mount,Natural
WS-SR-2-19 - Wire Sdl,Rivet Mount,Natural
WS-SR-3-01 - Wire Sdl,Rivet Mount,Natural
WS-SR-4-01 - Wire Sdl,Rivet Mount,Natural
WWS-A-2-01 - Wide Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natura
WWS-A-2-01BK - Wide Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Black
WWS-A-2-19 - Wide Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natura
WWS-A-3-01 - Wide Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natura
WWS-A-3-19 - Wide Wire Sdl,Arrow Mnt,Natura
WWSB-3-148A-RT - Wide Wire Sdl,Adh Mnt,Natural