Nylon closed end splices

Nylon closed end splices or connectors are often used to safely and tidily terminate redundant or un-used wires. The ranges offered by JST and Cembre cover wire sizes from 0.25 to 9mm².

JST Nylon closed end splices

JST closed end splices use oxygen-free copper, this material has high electro conductivity and inherent toughness and can be safely brazed with no chance of hydrogen embrittlement. They have a temperature rating of 105°C.

sq mm Part No sq mm Part No
0.5-1.75 CE1 (CE-100) 1.5-3.0 2-SDW
1.0-3.0 CE2 (CE-230) 1.0-1.75 1-SD
2.5-6.0 CE5 (CE-550) 1.0-2.5 2-SD
4.0-9.0 CE8 (CE-800) 2.0-5.5 5.5-SD
    4.0-9.0 8-SD
sq mm Part No
0.25-1.5 NL03-P
1.5-2.5 NL06-P
1.5-2.5 NL06-PB
4-6 NL1-P
4-6 NL1-PG
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