Nylon insulated spade terminals

Nylon insulated, zero-halogen, spade or fork terminals can operate at temperatures up to 105°C. We offer the ranges from Klauke and Cembre. Those offered by Cembre have an anti-vibration sleeve which offers added protection in heavy duty applications.

Klauke Nylon insulated spade terminals 0.1 - 6mm²

Klauke halogen free, nylon insulated spade terminals suit wires from 0.1 - 6mm².

Please see PDF for manufacturers details..

mm sq M3 M3.5 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10
0.1-0.4 *619C3            
0.5-1 620C3 620C35 620C4 620C5 *620C6    
1.5-2.5 630C3 630C35 630C4 630C5 630C6    
4-6     650C4 650C5 650C6 650C8 650C10
* = Not standardised
sq mm M3 M3.5 M4 M5 M6 M8
0.25-1.5 RKY-U3 RKY-U3.5 RKY-U4 RKY-U5 RKY-U6  
0.25-1.5         RKY-U6/1  
1.5-2.5 BKY-U3 BKY-U3.5 BKY-U4 BKY-U5 BKY-U6  
1.5-2.5         BKY-U6/1  
4-6   GKY-U3.5 GKY-U4 GKY-U5 GKY-U6 GKY-U8
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