Aluminium lugs

Aluminium lugs should be used to terminate aluminium cables thus preventing a heat expansion miss-match leading to joint failure. It is important to use the correct dies, crimping tools and follow instructions as specified by the lug manufacturer to ensure good crimped joints. Non-circular (sector shaped aluminium conductors) require pre-rounding prior to introduction of the conductor into the cable lugs. Aluminium lugs feature barrels capped and filled with grease to prevent oxidation of the aluminium. Cablectrix supply aluminium lugs from Klauke to DIN standards and the Cembre AA-M range.

Klauke Aluminium lugs 16-500mm² to DIN

Compression cable lugs water blocked to DIN, Al 16 - 500 mm²  for non-tension connections of Al cables to DIN 48201, part 1 and aluminium cables to DIN 50182. Barrier design with oil stop.


Stranded mm sq Solid mm sq M8 M10 M12 M16 M20
16 25 263R8 263R10      
25 35 264R8 264R10 264R12    
35 50 265R8 265R10 265R12    
50 70 266R8 266R10 266R12    
70 95 267R8 267R10 267R12    
95 120   268R10 268R12 268R16  
120 150   269R10 269R12 269R16  
150 185   270R10 270R12 270R16 270R20
185 240   271R10 271R12 271R16 271R20
240 300   272R10 272R12 272R16 272R20
300       273R12 273R16 273R20
400       274R12 274R16 274R20
500       275R12 275R16 275R20

Klauke Aluminium lugs 10-400mm²

Klauke compression cable lugs, Al 10-400mm² for non-tension connections of Al cables to DIN 48201, part 1 and aluminium cables to DIN 50182.

Stranded mm sq Solid mm sq M6 M8 M10 M12 M16 M20
10   202R6 202R8        
16 25   203R8 203R10      
25 35   204R8 204R10      
35 50     205R10 205R12    
50 70     206R10 206R12    
70 95     207R10 207R12    
95 120     208R10 208R12 208R16  
120 150       209R12 209R16  
150 185       210R12 210R16 210R20
185 240       211R12 211R16 211R20
240 300       212R12 212R16 212R20
300           213R16 213R20
400           214R16 214R20

Cembre AA-M Aluminium lugs, 16-630mm²

Cembre AA-M series terminals are manufactured from high purity aluminium, designed to accept a variety of conductor forms especially low stranded compacted conductors. Barrels are capped and filled with grease so as to avoid oxidation.

sq mm M8 M10 M12 M14 M16
16 AA16-M8        
25 AA25-M8        
35 AA35-M8 AA35-M10      
50     AA50-M12 AA50-M14  
70     AA70-M12 AA70-M14  
95     AA95-M12 AA95-M14  
120     AA120-M12 AA120-M14  
150     AA150-M12 AA150-M14  
185     AA185-M12 AA185-M14  
240     AA240-M12 AA240-M14  
300     AA300-34M12 AA300-34M14 AA300-34M16
300         AA300-M16
400         AA400-M16
500         AA500-40M16
630         AA630-M16
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