Bi-metallic ring terminals

Bi-metallic ring terminals are for terminating low voltage aluminium cables. Terminals feature aluminium barrels containing anti-oxidation grease and a solid copper ring palm. Stranded sector shaped conductors need to be pre-rounded prior to fitting and crimping. Sizes from 10mm² to 630mm² round stranded.

Klauke Bi-metallic ring terminals 16-300mm²

Klauke Bi-metallic ring terminals 16-300mm² (round stranded) for LV connections of AL cables to DIN48201, part 1 and aluminium cables to DIN EN 50182, tube dimentions to DIN 46329.

Stranded mm sq Solid mm sq M8 M10 M12 M16 M20
16 25 363R8 363R10      
25 35 364R8 364R10 364R12    
35 50 365R8 365R10 365R12    
50 70 366R8 366R10 366R12    
70 95   367R10 367R12    
95 120   368R10 368R12 368R16  
120 150     369R12 369R16  
150 185     370R12 370R16 370R20
185 240   371R10 371R12 371R16 371R20
240 300   372R10 372R12 372R16 372R20
300       373R12 373R16 373R20

Cembre Bi-metallic ring terminals

The barrels of series CAA-M connectors are made from high purity aluminium, the barrel is friction welded to the palm thus achieving the best possible transition between the copper palm and aluminium barrel.

sq mm M8 M12 M16
10   CAA10-M12  
16   CAA16-M12  
25   CAA25-M12  
35   CAA35-M12  
35   CAA 35-20M12  
50   CAA50-M12  
70   CAA70-M12  
95   CAA95-M12  
120   CAA120-M12  
150   CAA150-M12  
185   CAA185-M12  
240   CAA240-M12  
300   CAA300-34-M12 CAA300-34-M16
300     CAA300-M16
400     CAA400-M16
500     CAA400-M16TNBD
630 CAA630-4M8    
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