Cembre A-M contained palm

Cembre A-M contained palm terminals feature narrow palm widths and have been specificially developed for application on L.V. circuit breakers with reduced space terminal blocks allowing easier installation. Cable sizes from 10mm² to 300mm².

sq mm M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 M16
10 A2-M5/9          
16 A3-M5/9          
25 A5-M5/9          
35   A7B-M6/11.5        
50   A10B-M6/11.5        
70   A14-B-M6/11.5        
95     A19B-M8/15.5      
120     A24B-M8/19 A24B-M10/19    
150     A30B-M8/19 A30B-M10/19    
185       A37B-M10/24.5    
240       A48-M10/31 A48-M12/31 A48-M16/31
300       A60-B-M10/31 A60B-M12/31  
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