Cembre B500E battery crimping tool

Cembre presents B500E, a significant advantageous evolution of the renowned B51 crimping tool, now with 60km compression force and suitable for a wide range of connectors up to 300mm² using die sets common to the Cembre 50kN tooling range.


The tool is supplied with a shoulder strap, two batteries and UK-standard charger, in a robust plastic carrying case suitable for storing the tool and up to 20 die sets.


Main features:
•New Li-lon 18V 4Ah batteries offering higher capacity, faster charging and energy optimisation.
•Greater crimping speed and crimping force resulting from a revitalised hydraulic system with double speed action.
•A maximum pressure sensor and valve together provide greater precision and repeatability of the pressure cycle and double the provision for operator safety.
•An OLED display makes essential tool operating information available in real time.
•Improved handling balance for more assured manageability during the crimping process.
•Bi-component plastic shell for enhanced resistance to wear and damage, and rubber grip insert for operator comfort.
•LED lighting of the work area for additional convenience and safety.

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