Push mount cable ties

Push mount cable ties eliminate the need for cable tie bases and fasteners when the cable loom has to be attached to the chassis. With the addition of an arrowhead or fir tree fixing to the head of the cable tie they can be applied to the loom and pushed into pre-drilled holes quickly and easily. Ties are available in nylon 6-6 plus heat stabilised and weather resistant materials.

Panduit Pan-Ty push mount ties

Panduit Pan-Ty push mount ties are a cable tie, mount and fastener in a single part. Used to attach cable bundles to another surface such as a flat panel, the arrow head anchors easily into a pre formed hole locking into place. Panduit push mount ties are available in versions with or without wings and umbrella wing (disc). Wings give the assembly stability and ensure secure locking into different panel thicknesses. Umbrella wings also take up panel thickness variations and give a dust and moisture seal over the fixing hole. Wingless push mount ties allow for use in confined spaces.

Hellermann push mount ties

HellermannTyton offer arrowhead ties with discs or wings to allow for fixing to different panel thicknesses. The ties with discs ensure the ingress of dust and moisture is restricted. Versions are available for round and oval fixing holes and find use in automotive, aerospace, white goods manufacture and panel building.

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