JST Wire to board connectors

JST wire to board crimp style connectors are available as disconnectable and board in types.

Wire To Board crimp style connentors

JST Disconnectable range includes the SH connector with a pitch of 1.0mm up to the BD connector with a 13.0mm pitch. The large connector range covers most options of pitch, wire size, polarity, locking headers, through hole, surface mount and side/vertical entry. The disconnectable range consists of a header soldered to the PCB and housing containing the terminals crimped onto the connecting wires.


Pitch between circuits for the Board in crimp style connectors range from the SZN connector with a pitch of 1.5mm up to the SDN connector with a 3.96mm pitch with a single circuit board in crimp style terminal (SIN) available in 6 shape variations.


JST part numbers

Connector series Pitch
SH 1.0mm
SHD 1.0mm
SHL 1.0mm
SHLD 1.0mm
SHLV 1.0mm
ACH 1.2mm
GH 1.25mm
ZH 1.5mm
SFH 1.8mm
PH 2.0mm
PH (high box type) 2.0mm
PHD 2.0mm
PAD 2.0mm
PND 2.0mm
JWPF 2.0mm
EH 2.5mm
XH 2.5mm
XH (high box type) 2.5mm
XA 2.5mm
XA (high box type) 2.5mm
XAD 2.5mm
HR 2.5mm
PXA 2.5mm
BHS 3.5mm
BD 3.5mm
VH 3.96mm
VH (high box type) 3.96mm
HL 3.96mm
BH 4.0/8.0/12.0mm
NV 5.0mm
WPJ 5.0mm
XL 5.0mm
VL 6.2mm
VYH 6.5mm
VA 7.92mm
NVA 7.92mm
VT 11.88mm
BD 13.0mm
Board in
SZN 1.5mm
SAN 2.0mm
SIN 2.0mm
SCN 2.5mm
SDN 3.96mm
SIN (terminal) Single-circuit

Wire To Board IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector)

JST IDC Connectors (Insulation Displacement Contact) range includes the Disconnectable XSR connector with a pitch of 0.6mm up to the HR connector with a pitch of  2.5mm and the Board in ZA connector with a 1.5mm pitch up to the DD/DS connector with a 2.0mm pitch  .


IDC Connectors (Insulation Displacement Contact) is an electrical connector designed to be connected to the conductor of an insulated cable by a connection process which forces a selectively sharpened blade through the insulation, bypassing the need to strip the conductors of insulation before connecting.

Connector series Pitch
XSR 0.6mm
SUR 0.8mm
SR 1.0mm
SSR 1.0mm
ASR 1.0mm
ZR 1.5mm
KR 2.0mm
CK 2.0mm
KRD 2.0mm
HR 2.5mm
Board in
ZA 1.5mm
DA 2.0mm
DD/DS 2.0mm
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