Halogen free cable trunking

Halogen-free control panel trunking from Panduit and SES exhibits excellent low smoke and fume characteristics and is recommended for areas where danger exists to members of the public for example schools, hospitals and shopping centres as well as a variety of hostile environments.

Panduit NNC Halogen-Free Metric Cable Trunking

Panduct NNC Cable trunking is made from halogen-free material that will not emit corrosive or harmful toxic gases when burned and withstands higher continuous-use temperatures than PVC.

NNC Cable trunking is used to route, protect, and manage wires near sensitive electronic equipment and in environments where heat resistance or public safety is a concern. Available in fourteen metric profile sizes from 25 x 25mm to 100mm x 100mm to meet a variety of applications. The base features a wide-slot design, allowing the cable trunking to be used with a large range of cable diameters, and two score lines for easy removal of duct fingers and sidewalls.
The non-slipcover stays in place when mounted vertically or in areas of high vibration. The halogen-free material has a UL94 flammability rating of V-0 and a UL recognized continuous-use temperature rating of 95°C (203°F). NNC wiring duct meets NFPA 79-2012, Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery, Section 13.3.1.

SES GF-DIN-SH-A7/5 Halogen Free Trunking

GF-DIN-SH-A7/5 Halogen Free trunking with slot and base punching.


Technical characteristics:
Material: PC/ABS
Operating temperatures: -25 to +90°C
Volume resistivity: 1015 Ω.cm
Dielectric strength: 35 kV/mm
Specification: V0 UL94 - EN 45545
NF F16-101/102 - DIN 5510
Recommendations: no contact with oils or greases
Double sided adhesive: upon request
Minimum delivery: 1 complete packing (with lids)

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