EK354ML tool with complete die set HL4SET, 6-150mm²

Klauke EK354ML battery crimp tool has a large crimping range 6-150 mm². The tool has a slim closed rotatable flip top head which makes this tool ideal for crimping in space critical areas. This set comes with HL4SET Crimping die's 6 - 150 mm², plastic case and 10 die set.

EK354ML tool with complete die set HL4SET
•Crimping force: 35 kN
•Stroke / opening width: 9 mm
•Crimping range: 6-150 mm²
•Crimping cycle: 3 s to 4 s (depending on cross-section)
•Number of crimps: approx. 145 at 120 mm² Cu
•Battery voltage: 10.8V
•Battery capacity: 1.5 Ah, Li-Ion
•Charging time: approx. 40 min.
•Weight incl. battery: 1.6kg
•Ambient temperature: -10°C up to +40°C

HL4SET Crimping die's, 6 - 150 mm² HL 4 in plastic case, 10 die set
•Copper tubular cable lugs and connectors, standard design
•Tubular cable lugs for switchgear connections

£1,050.00 ex:VAT

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