PanTher LS8EQ Printer Promotion

PanTher LS8EQ Printer with QWERTY keypad.

Purchase any 20 Panduit printer cassettes and receive a FREE PanTher LS8EQ printer with QWERTY keypad.*
PROMO CODE: 3078192
Promotion ends 31st of December 2018
For the full list of eligible printer cassettes, please DOWNLOAD LIST.
*Adapter and batteries not included.

The PanTher LS8EQ Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Printer produce high-quality, industrial labels on a wide variety of label materials for electrical and network applications such as wire/cable, components, safety, and facility identification.

A partial cut feature provides the flexibility to create tear-apart labels for quicker installation. The printer use label cassettes that contain an integrated memory device for automatic formatting, recall of last legend used, and the number of labels remaining in the cassette. These fast-loading P1 label cassettes include both label material and ribbon to make changing labels easy.

Terms and Conditions:
•Duration of promotion: The promotion is active starting from the 1st of November until the 31st of December 2018
•Special Prices product Agreements are not included in the promotion.
*Adapter and batteries not included.

Full list of eligible printer cassettes:

S050X075VAC; S050X125VAC; S050X150VAC; S075X075VAC; S075X100VAC; S075X125VAC; S075X150VAC; S100X075VAC; S100X125VAC; S100X150VAC; S100X150VBC; S100X150VDC; S100X150VHC; S100X150VIC; S100X225VAC; S100X225VBC; S100X225VDC ; S100X225VHC ; S100X225VIC ; S100X400VAC; S100X650VAC; NWSLC-2Y-AQ ; NWSLC-2Y ; NWSLC-3Y ; S100X160VAC; S100X220VAC; R100X075V1C; R100X125V1C; R100X150V1C; R100X150V2C; R100X150V3C; R100X150V7C; R100X150V8C; R100X225V1C; R100X225V2C; R100X225V3C; R100X225V7C; R100X225V8C; M300X050Y6C; M300X050Y7C; F100X150AJC; N050X075CBC* ; N050X150CBC* ; N100X125CBC* ; N100X150CBC ; N100X175CBC* ; T050X000CBC-BK; T100X000CBC-BK; N050X075C1C; N050X075C2C; N050X125C1C; N050X125C2C; N100X075C1C; N100X075C2C; N100X125C1C; N100X125C2C; T038X000C1C-BK; T038X000C2C-BK; T050X000C1C-BK; T050X000C2C-BK; T075X000C1C-BK; T075X000C2C-BK; T100X000C1C-BK; T100X000C2C-BK; H100X025H1C; H100X025H2C; H100X034H1C; H100X034H2C; H100X044H1C; H100X044H2C; H100X064H1C; H100X064H2C; H100X084H1C; H100X084H2C; H000X025H1C; H000X025H2C; H000X034H1C; H000X034H2C; H000X044H1C; H000X044H2C; H000X064H1C; H000X064H2C; H000X084H1C; H000X084H2C; C060X020YJC; C075X025YLC; C100X025YJC; C100X025YLC; C100X050YJC; C100X050YMC; C150X075YJC; C200X050YJC; C200X100YJC; C200X100YMC; C100X050CBC; C200X050CBC; C100X050YPC; C150X075YPC; C200X050YPC; C200X100YPC; C189X047FNC; C061X030FJC; C125X030FJC; C138X019FJC; C188X030FJC; C200X100FJC; C252X030FJC; C261X030FJC; C315X030FJC; C379X030FJC; C150X030Y1C; C195X040Y1C; C261X035Y1C; C282X030Y1C; C288X040Y1C; C390X030Y1C; C750X050Y1C; C788X050Y1C; UILS8BW; T019X000FJC-BK; T024X000FJC-BK; T031X000FJC-BK; T038X000FJC-BK; T100X000RPC-BK; T100X000RUC-BK; T100X000RXC-BK; T024X000VPC-BK; T024X000VYC-WH; T024X000YKCBK; T038X000VPC-BK; T038X000VQC-BK; T038X000VQC-WH; T038X000VSC-BK; T038X000VSC-WH; T038X000VUC-BK; T038X000VWC-BK; T038X000VWC-WH; T038X000VXC-BK; T038X000VYC-WH; T038X000YKC-BK; T050X000VPC-BK; T050X000VPC-RD; T050X000VQC-BK; T050X000VQC-WH; T050X000VSCBK; T050X000VSC-WH; T050X000VUC-BK; T050X000VWC-BK; T050X000VWC-WH; T050X000VXC-BK; T050X000VYC-WH; T050X000YKC-BK; T050X000YKC-WH; T075X000VPC-BK; T075X000VQC-BK; T075X000VQCWH; T075X000VSC-BK; T075X000VSC-WH; T075X000VUC-BK; T075X000VWC-BK; T075X000VWC-WH; T075X000VXC-BK; T075X000VYC-WH; T075X000YKC-BK; T100X000VPC-BK; T100X000VPC-RD; T100X000VQCBK; T100X000VQC-WH; T100X000VSC-BK; T100X000VSC-WH; T100X000VUC-BK; T100X000VWC-BK; T100X000VWC-WH; T100X000VXC-BK; T100X000VYC-WH; T100X000YKC-BK;T100X000YKC-WH;

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