Klauke EKWF120ML Battery-Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool 6 - 120 mm²

We make this easier for you with the newly developed battery-powered crimping tool EKWF120ML Work and at the same time ensure optimal quality of the Grouting. The EKWF120ML presses over a Square comb mechanism according to both wire end ferrules DIN as well as insulated wire end sleeves, twin wire end sleeves and insulated wire end sleeves for short-circuit-proof Cables. ...There is no need to use crimping dies completely because the square mechanism can be flexibly adapted to the Adapt the respective wire end ferrule shape. The precisely fitting pressing using the comb forms ensures an optimized distribution of forces and embeds the Head in a wavy shape. As a result, you get perfect work results across the entire range the ferrule shapes away. All cross sections from 6 to 120mm² can be achieved with the EKWF120ML to process. Up to a ferrule length of 32mm, only one Grouting necessary - that is, the majority of all You can use ferrules in the cross-section in process in a single operation. The full range the head of control cabinet and mechanical engineering we have to crimp with uniform quality With the new square crimping, an optimized solution has been developed. This innovation is at the same time a major simplification - because there is so only one system and one geometry. The flexible type of crimping using the comb shape is particularly important for older ladders for optimal results.

Klauke EKWF120ML Battery-Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool 6 - 120 mm²
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