SEI Identification Solutions

For over 70 years, SEI Identification Solutions has been producing high performance cable marker, sleeve identification and protection products to the highest standards and specifications. There core global client base of defence, aerospace, and mass-transit companies has expanded to encompass other equally demanding industry sectors.

When qualification, certification and approval to national and international standards are a pre-requisit for your cable sleeve or cable identification requirements, Siegrist-Orel performs at its best by meeting the harshest environmental, chemical, flame and temperature conditions.

For pre-printed wire markers their HPi marking system results in a composite mark that is completely indelible and is capable of surviving the most aggressive environments in the world. Markings created in this way will withstand extreme temperatures and humidity and exposure to fuels and chemicals. High performance markers are available in a comprehensive range of sleeving materials, including silicone, neoprene, PVC, nitrile and PTFE, as well as other heat shrinkable materials to suit specific end user applications.

Whenever a wire marker or sleeving enquiry demands higher than normal specifications or certification we always turn to Siegrist-Orel for a solution.

As fom the 1st November 2015 Siegrist-Orel has changed there name to SEI Identification Solutions.

SEI Identification Solutions products

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