Stocko is one of the leading European manufacturers of electro-mechanical components. Stocko connectors ensure secure and advanced connections in a wide range of industries and areas of application, stretching from domestic appliances and heating industries, automotive, industrial, entertainment electronics, control equipment, machine building and telecommunications.

Stocko's range includes; multi-way connector systems with terminations for insulation displacement, crimping or soldering. Solderless terminals, crimp contacts and the relevant hand tooling and semi and fully automated machinery.

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Stocko Company Brochure / Product Range
Stocko Connector Systems 2.5 - 2.54mm Pitch
Stocko Connector Systems / Speical Versions Pin Strips
Stocko Connector Systems For High Current Applications
Stocko Connector System S FIT Pitch 4.2mm
Stocko Connector System S LOCK Pitch 6.35mm
Stocko Solderless Terminals
Stocko Crimp Contacts
Stocko HVAC Industry Product Range

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