Hellermann identification tags

All identification tag part numbers shown here are currently available from the manufacturer, their appearance here does not necessarily mean that they are stock items at Cablectrix. For more information, pricing and availability please contact us and we will do everything we can to help.

TIPTAG HF halogen free cable tags
TIPTAG11X65RD (Article No 556-20062)
TIPTAG11X65OG (Article No 556-20063)
TIPTAG11X65YE  (Article No 556-20064)
TIPTAG11X65GN (Article No 556-20065)
TIPTAG11X65BU (Article No 556-20066)
TIPTAG11X65WH  (Article No 556-20069)
TIPTAG15X65YE (Article No 556-21064)
TIPTAG15X65WH  (Article No 556-21069)
TIPTAG11X100YE  (Article No 556-20074)
TIPTAG11X100WH  (Article No 556-20079)
TIPTAG11X100BU (Article No 556-20080)
TIPTAG11X100RD (Article No 556-20091)
TIPTAG15X100YE  (Article No 556-21074)
TIPTAG15X100WH (Article No  556-21079)
TIPTAG15X100RD (Article No 556-21096)
TIPTAG15X105RD (Article No 556-21072)
TIPTAG15X105GN (Article No 556-21075)

TIPTAG VA halogen free cable tags
TIPTAGVA15X65YEWH (Article No 556-26006)
TIPTAGVA15X90YEWH (Article No 556-26007)
TIPTAGVA10X65YEWH (Article No 556-26008)
TIPTAGVA10X90YEWH (Article No 556-26009)

TIPTAG PU - UV Weather resistant cable tags
TTAGPU11X100WH (Article No 556-25021)
TTAGPU11X100YE (Article No 556-25020)
TTAGPU11X65WH (Article No 556-25012)
TTAGPU11X65YE (Article No 556-25019)
TTAGPU15X100WH (Article No 556-25006)
TTAGPU15X100YE (Article No 556-25010)
TTAGPU15X65WH (Article No 556-25007)
TTAGPU15X65YE (Article No 556-25011)

TTAGMC Metal Content cable tags
TTAGMC11BEX100S  (Article No 556-26501)
TTAGMC11BEX65S (Article No 556-26500)
TTAGMC15BEX100S (Article No 556-26503)
TTAGMC15BEX65S (Article No 556-26502)

Identification ties and plates for marking cable bundles
IT1 (Article No 151-42119)