Optimas part numbers

Anixter Component Solutions is now Optimas OE Solutions Ltd - Components Division. No longer a part of Anixter International Inc., Optimas is a standalone, independent organisation owned by American Industrial Partners (AIP).

We have compiled a list of over 11,000 part numbers currently offered by Optimas OE Solutions. Included within this list are thousands of Heyco part numbers. Heyco is still a very familiar name within the industry and was acquired by the Walters Hexagon Group in the year 2000. Three years later the Walters Hexagon Group (now including Heyco Ltd) was acquired by Anixter International. A year later Heyco was renamed as Anixter Components – A Division of Anixter Ltd and in 2015 Optimas OE Solutions acuired Anixter Component Solutions.

Because of their popularity and longevity Heyco and Anixter part numbers will appear on many drawings, parts lists and bills of materials. To establish that the Heyco or Anixter part number you need is still available please use our search facility and then contact our sales team for more information, pricing and availability.

Cablectrix have been a Heyco and latterly Anixter Components distributor for over 25 years so we have a wealth of product knowledge and hold a wide range of stock. For orders outside of our stockholding we would normally quote up to 5 to 7 days as standard, as we have weekly deliveries from Anixter. Of course urgent items can be delivered in 2 to 3 days if required. Lead times for items not in stock at Anixter will be quoted on a case by case basis.

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