Panduit part numbers

In order to help those armed only with a Panduit part number or description we have compiled a comprehensive list of Panduit products in their cable tie and wiring accessory range. We show the Panduit part number together with Panduit’s description and all contained within their various product groups.

When searching for Panduit part numbers please be aware of their part numbering system. Most part numbers finish with a letter, for example; X, C, D or M. These signify the pack or reel size, using the Roman numeral system. So if the part number you are looking for is different by only this last digit then it is only the pack size which has changed. It is also worth noting that when purchasing, the largest possible pack size will always give you the best price per piece.

The most common Panduit pack sizes are; X = 10, Q = 25, L = 50, C = 100, TL = 250, D = 500, M = 1000.

The most common Panduit reel sizes are; L = 50ft/15.2m, C = 100ft/30.5m, T = 200ft/61m, D = 500ft/152.4m, M =1000ft/304.8m.

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