Eprep labels

EPREP – Engraved Plate Replacement (B-7593)

B-7593 are labels designed for identification applications that require name plate quality, including patch panels, external push-buttons, switches, and internal connection points.
Brady B-7593 is a glossy thermal transfer printable polyester tag based on a double sided adhesive tape with a compressible foam carrier and a permanent acrylic adhesive. This 650 micrometer thick material has good resistance against scratching, smearing and abrasion, whilst its high tack adhesive is suitable for uneven surfaces. On top of that, B-7593 material shows good resistance against alcohols, diesel oil, UV and weathering.
Colours available: white, black, silver, yellow, red and green.
Recommended ribbons are R-6000, R-4900 and R-7962.
• RoHS compliant

Shape and colour options for most Brady printer systems.

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