Heyco Dome plugs

Dome plugs are the industry standard for the blanking of unwanted holes in panels and enclosures. The 3 points to remember when enquiring are; colour, hole size and panel thickness.

Dome plugs supplied by Cablectrix are genuine Heyco parts and carry UL and CSA approvals. A limited range of sizes are available in zero halogen nylon 6/6 in black. The maximum temperature range for all types is105°C.


Other blanking plugs available from Heyco:


•D-Subminiature Pry-Out Plugs

•Rectangular Plugs

•Shorty Plugs

•Pry-Out Plugs

•Extra Dome Plugs

•Dome Plugs - Flame Retardant - Halogen Free

•Window Plugs

•Knock-Out Seals

•Vent Plugs

•Louvered Plugs

•Liquid Tight Knock-Out Hole Plugs

•Double ‘D’ Plugs

•Insulation Plug

•Ergonomic Plugs

•Sheet Sheet Metal Plugs - Recessed Head Metal Plugs -  Flush Head

•Pull Plugs

•Tapered Plugs

•Pull Ring Plugs

•Threaded Plugs

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