Speed Nut

Greenlee SPEED NUT is a unique and innovative quick-lock system currently being offered on the market for all Greenlee rectangular and square punches. It consists of an rugged draw stud and a innovative quick-action bayonet coupling which unlike conventional counter nuts is not screwed onto the draw stud but simply pushed onto it and fixed with a turn.


This means longer tool life and faster and easy punching operations – up to three times faster than conventional punching tools.


SPEED NUT is compatible with all Greenlee hydraulic and battery-powered punch drivers and suitable for all square punches from 46.0 x 46.0 mm and rectangular punches from 33.3 x 66.7 mm. With the SPEED NUT, hydraulic punch drivers and special shaped punches Greenlee offers a complete range of punching tools allowing to punch holes easily, accurately and extremely quickly.


Up to three times faster that standerd draw studs.


For Greenlee Special shape punches please see link below.

Greenlee Special shape punches


Item Part Number
Speed Nut draw stud SLSNDS34
Quick-action bayonet coupling SLSNN34
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