Greenlee GATOR LS50FLEXCFB / LS50FLEXCFM FLEX hole punching tool

The design of the aluminum head of the GATOR LS50FLEX allows the head to rotate by 360°. The combination of the slim and compact design and low weight qualifies the LS50FLEXCFM for working in constricted spaces. The automatic limit stop prevents the tools from damage and increases lifetime.


LS50FLEXCFB: 18V Bosch 2.0 Ah Li-Ion
LS50FLEXCFM: 18V Makita 1.5 Ah, Li-Ion


•360° rotating head for operations in hard to reach areas
•Automatic limit stop
•Lithium-Ion technology reduces charging time and increases operating time
•Applicable with all Greenlee punching tools
•Compact design and ergonomic designed housing facilitates fatigue-proof operation
•Just „one“ trigger allows easy handling
•White LED illumination of working area


Punching capacity:
•120 punch operations at Ø 22.5 mm, 3.4 mm mild steel resp.
•190 punch operations at Ø 22.5 mm, 3 mm mild steel
•280 punch operations at Ø 22.5 mm, 2.5 mm mild steel


Punching time:
•5 s at 22,5 mm dia., 3 mm mild steel
•6 s at 63,5 mm dia., 3 mm mild steel


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