Cylinder lock punch

Greenlee Keyway punch is suitable for St37 mild steel up to 1.5mm thick and aluminium up to 3.5 mm thick.


Scope of supply

  • Complete system consisting of punch, die, draw stud, counter nut and ball-bearing nut

Related tooling

12.7 mm pilot drill Kwik Stepper step bit 50344102

Hole punching tools
Greenlee battery hydraulic tools:
Gator LS50LFLEX and LS60L


Greenlee hydraulic tools:
Hydraulic punch driver with hand pump (50159062)
Hydraulic punch driver with foot pump (50250973)

Punch size mm Max. Material thickness Operating mode Complete punch unit Punch*** Die*** Draw studs*** Ball bearing nut*** Counter nut*** Spacer*** Adapter for hydraulic punch driver
A 17 x B 33.3 x C 10.5 2 Hand/hydraulic 50053078 50053027 50053035 50053043 50347330 90500113 50053051 50339672
***= Individual parts for manual operation
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