BradyPrinter S3100 Sign and Label Printer


BradyS3100 Sign and Label Printer is extremely easy to use and features auto-calibration and automatic label material setup. This will enable the user to start printing the signs and labels you need. Switching to another label material is easy and extremely fast thanks to the printer's 'drop-in' label materials and matching ink ribbons that can be switched out in less than 20 seconds. An intuitive user interface with touch screen offers a wide variety of sign & label design options, even when the printer is used in standalone mode.

Printing Functions: Auto Format, Auto sizing, Banner, Bold, Condensed, Date/Time Stamp, Expand, Fixed Length, Frame Feature, Italics, Justification, List Function, Mirror, Multi-copy, Print Preview, Reverse, Rotate, Serialisation, Underline, Vertical

Symbol Categories: Arrows, Fire Safety, First Aid and Rescue, GHS/CLP, Hazardous Transport, Mandatory, Miscellaneous, Packaging, Personal Protective Equipment, Prohibition, Safety Sign Headers, Shapes, Warning, WHIMIS

•Print Technology: Thermal Transfer
•Print Speed: 76mm/sec
•Colour Capability: Monocolour
•Resolution: 300 dpi
•Display Resolution: 1024 x 800 pixels
•Barcode Capability: Yes
•Recommended Usage per Day: 600
•Max. Print Length: 1524mm
•Text Sizes (pt): 1.27 - 88.90mm
•Font Styles: Arial, Arial 65, Courier New, Tahoma, Times New Roman
•Hours of Operation: 8 hours/5 days
•Number of Stock Parts: 300+ standard parts
•On Screen Indicators: Ribbon Remaining, Supply Remaining
•Portability: No
•Smart Cell: Yes

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