EK50ML Klauke micro battery crimping tool.

EK50ML Klauke micro battery crimping tool 0.14 - 50 mm². With intuitive Power Sense function combines the advantages of manual crimping tools with the convenience of battery-powered hydraulic crimping tools. Excellent crimping results for minimum effort.

Technical date
•Suitable for series 50 interchangeable crimping dies
•Crimping force 15 kN (max.)
•Crimping range 0.14 - 50 mm²
•Crimping time < 1.5 sec. (depending on connecting material)
•Number of crimps per battery charge approx. 300 at 10 mm² Cu DIN 46234
•Battery voltage 10.8 V
•Battery capacity 1.5 Ah, Li-Ion
•Charging time approx. 40 min
•Weight incl. battery 0.96 kg
•Environmental temperature -10 °C up to +40 °C
•Tubular cable lugs and connectors – Cu, standard design 0.75 - 10 mm²
•Un-insulated terminals (DIN 46234) and pin terminals (DIN 46230), solder less connectors (DIN 46341) 0.5 - 10 mm²
•Wire end ferrules 0.14 - 50 mm²
•Insulated crimp terminals 0.1 - 16 mm²
•Non-insulated crimp terminals 0.25 - 6 mm²
•Led light to illuminate low visibility

Operating the lever closes the crimping jaws without any exertion on the part of the user and fixes the connecting material.
Motorised Crimping
Further Actuation or 'pulling back' the lever starts the crimping process fully, automatically using the power of the integrated motor.
Automatic retraction
The retraction to the starting position is also fully automatic. During the entire crimping cycle, the process can be interrupted by actuating the lever in the opposite direction.

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