We have a very close relationship with the German crimp and tool manufacturer, Klauke. Their burgeoning reputation in the UK is built on an extensive range of quality cable connecting products and market leading tooling. These strengths were a welcome addition to our portfolio several years ago and our association with Klauke is something we are very proud of.

The Klauke product range today represents innovation, quality and safety. Klauke processes more than 1500 tons of copper material a year to produce more than 7000 different types of cable lugs and connectors.

The extensive Klauke range of crimp connectors encompasses; standard and DIN approved copper tube terminals in straight, 90° and 45° formats. For high temperatures and harsh environments they offer nickel and stainless steel terminals. There are also solderless terminals to DIN46234 and DIN46230 and aluminium and bi-metallic lugs and connectors. They also have the most comprehensive range of cable end sleeves/ferrules that we know of.

The highlights of Klauke's exceptional tooling range are the battery powered crimping and cutting tools. The crimping tools with the "Intelligent Pressing System" range from 10 Kn to 120 Kn and the cutting tools can cut cables up to 105mm diameter.

As you would expect from a German company; quality, support and supply are second to none. This service allied to regular training and visits to their manufacturing plant in Remscheid enable us to offer Klauke with confidence when finding a solution to your needs.

Since 1996 Klauke and Greenlee have formed a division within the Textron Group, increasing its ability to expand its product offering with punching and bending tools and cable installation equipment as well as measuring and testing tools for electric installations.