Cable Tie Guns

A cable tie is type of fastener used to hold items together, basically wires and electric cables. Since they have a low price point and are easy to use, they are used in a wide range of applications. Cable ties are generally viewed as single-use devices, they are typically cut off rather than loosened and reused. A cable tie gun is a device that resemble a handgun.

Every job requires you to have the necessary tools and equipment that makes the task easier and effective for maximum productivity and efficiency. If you work with any cables, then you need to have the most reliable tools for all the tasks involving all cable tying and cutting. Cable Tie Guns are one of the most effective and reliable tools that enables you to complete all the work from tightening ties to cutting the excess cable after making the tie. It allows you to effectively make ties, tensioning, and cutting the cable ties. Cable Tie Gun or tools are used to apply a cable tie with specific degree of tension which may cut off the extra trail which can otherwise cause some injury.

Cable Tie Guns also features heavy-duty and robust structure that provides one of the quickest and easiest ways to cut and fasten wire cables. Cable tie guns also come in various designs for cutting plastic, nylon, and metal ties in a flash, thus enabling high-performance and accomplishing jobs in style. There are several types of the cable tie guns: manual cable tie gun, battery operated cable tie gun, automatic cable tie guns and pneumatic cable tie guns.

Manual Cable Tie Gun: Manual cable tie tools are designed for easy tensioning and cutting of cable ties. The tools are designed to minimize hand strain and kickback for reduced hand injuries. Durable components will ensure efficiency and long life. Flush cut for a safer installation with no protrusions to damage neighbouring components. Provides operational reliability and durability resulting in fewer repairs and an extended lifespan; eases wear and tear on tool components. Tension lock-in mechanism eliminates operator ability to change tension setting for critical applications.

Battery Operated Cable Tie Gun: Harsh outdoor or indoor environments can slow installer productivity and increase safety risks. These demanding conditions often require workers to perform repetitive installations in awkward or static body positions over extended periods of time, broadening the possibility of injury and reducing productivity.

Battery operated cable tie gun installs stainless steel metal locking cable ties 45% faster than conventional hand tools. The tool’s automatic flush cut off allows for a fast and easy one hand operation that reduces operator fatigue, enhances productivity, and improves operator safety. 

Pneumatic Cable Tie Guns: For higher volume cable tie installation a pneumatic tool is the next level up from a manually operated tool. Simple push button operation tensions and cuts off excess tie in a fraction of a second. Operates on non-lubricated air without special maintenance.

Automatic Cable Tie Tool: Productivity is critical when it comes to high-volume harnessing, assembly, fastening, and packaging applications. To remain competitive, manufacturers are faced with the constant struggle to increase throughput, reduce lead times, and meet customer expectations. The Automatic Cable Tie Installation System addresses these challenges by introducing a series of next generation features and functionality to transform wire bundling and assembly as you know it.

Cable Tie Guns