J.S.T. (U.K.) Ltd is based in Halesworth and is the UK subsidiary of the JST Mfg Co Ltd, based in Osaka, Japan. The company develops and manufactures connector systems for the automotive, telecommunication and consumer equipment market.

Their vast product range encompasses electrical and electronic terminals, connectors and associated application tooling and machinery.

As one of JST's main distributors in the UK, Cablectrix have access to the full range of connector systems. With over 15 years of experience and extensive stocks we offer; un-insulated and pre-insulated sheet terminals in the standard red, blue, yellow format and the full range of connector systems and tooling.

We endeavour to hold sufficient stocks of the more popular items but if you need more unusual parts we can use JST’s expansive worldwide network to locate the stock you need.

Alternative products are available, Please contact us for further details.

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