Crimping and tooling; Which tooling?

The vital dimensions of a crimp terminal or cable lug in regards to crimping are the inside and outside dimensions of the cable entry. These dimensions vary between manufacturers and indeed between different ranges within manufacturers so it is imperative to keep this in mind when selecting the correct tooling for the job. There will be some whose mentality is, “near enough is good enough” and mix crimps or cable lugs, dies and tools from different manufacturers but they are running a great risk of the joints being over or under crimped resulting in the possibility of re-work, re-call or product failure. All of which can prove very costly in many ways. ...The recommended and guaranteed procedure is, whenever possible, to use a matched system from the same manufacturer. The correct combination of crimp, tube terminal or cable lug with dedicated tool or tool and die will give a perfect and risk free result. Assuming you have chosen the correct sized terminal for the cable of course! There are four main types of tooling; hand tools, hydraulic tools, battery tools and bench mounted presses. Hand tools are suitable for most operators to use and are usually for low volume, small crimp terminals, tube terminals and ferrules. We have several examples on our website in these sections; Hand Tools For Tube Terminals and Hand Tools For Insulated Crimp Terminals. Of course, through our leading crimp and lug suppliers; Klauke, JST and Cembre we have access to their whole ranges of tooling so please Contact Us if you need more information on any of their tools. Hydraulic tools, are for larger cable lugs or tube terminals. They are relatively heavy to use so some operators may struggle. With individual dies they can crimp a wide range of sizes and styles but their weight and the effort involved does not lend itself to high volume production. We offer a selection of Hydraulic Tools For Tube Terminals from Klauke and Cembre on our website. Of course both companies offer extensive ranges of hydraulic crimping tools and dies so please Contact Us if you need more information on their tooling. In this section on our website; Battery Crimping Tools For Tube Terminals there are several very popular tools, including the Klauke EK354 Mini Battery Crimping Tool. These tools take all the effort out of crimping so they can be easily used by any operator either at the workstation or out on site. They are ideal for larger cable lugs or tube terminals but they are not really designed for high volumes. Battery crimping tools can also used for smaller crimp terminals such as the insulated red, blue, yellows and smaller lugs. Ideal tools would be the new EK50ML Klauke Micro or the Klauke EK1550. As with all our tooling we only highlight a few examples on our website so please Contact Us if you need any further information. For high volume crimping the best option is a bench mounted press. These can either be electric or pneumatically powered and can crimp either standard loose crimps and lugs or dedicated reels of terminals. The Cembre PNB3P Pneumatic Bench Press and the Klauke TEKP1 Electric Bench Press are examples of tools that are used for loose crimp terminals. These can be either non-insulated, pre-Insulated, or slightly larger copper tube terminals or ferrules up to 10mm2 or 16mm2. For crimping larger tube terminals or lugs we have examples of the Cembre PNB1 Pneumatic Bench Press and the Klauke THK120 Bench Press Head on our website but there many other presses, heads and drive units available from both manufacturers so please Contact Us for more information. For reeled terminals it is imperative to match the manufacturer of the tooling with the crimp terminals used. For JST’s chain terminals, either the standard F-type or contacts for their electronic connector systems, there is the JST APK2N and for reels of JST pre-insulated crimp terminals there is the JST AP-F6. Both JST presses are normally offered on a rental basis so there is no initial outlay. All the tools mentioned above are operated by foot switches so the operators are free to use both hands for speedy and efficient operation. If you are using Stocko connectors or terminals and need tooling please Contact Us for assistance. Finally, the tooling on our website is linked to the various styles of crimps and lugs so please follow the relevant link to find examples of tooling for your type of crimp;

Tooling for Tube Terminals

Tooling for Un-insulated Terminals

Tooling for F-type Crimp Terminals

Tooling for Wire End Ferrules

Tooling for Insulated Crimp Terminals

Crimping and tooling; Which tooling?