Cablectrix Ltd have been working with some of the world’s leading cable accessory manufacturers for over 30 years. Over this time we have gained extensive knowledge and formed strong relationships with over 20 manufacturers so we can confidently offer technical advice to all existing and potential customers.

Making sure you have the right products for the environment you are working in, or designing for, is imperative in manufacturing. We aim, in this section, to offer valuable advice to those seeking help with these decisions.

First of all we offer advice on cable ties for harsh environments from Panduit where we explore the various specialised materials designed to cope with high temperatures, chemicals, radiation, weathering and flammability. We then offer our guide to crimping and tooling where we not only compare the merits of different styles of crimp terminals and tooling but also the importance of other factors such as; cable size and type, stud sizes, environmental concerns and industry standards.  Our intention is to add to these advice pages to encompass many of the other cable accessory products we can offer.

Of course our knowledgeable sales team are always available, so contact us if you need any further information, samples, pricing or availability.

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