Push-In Feet

Push in feet for blind holes or holes in sheet materials.

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Code Description A B C D E F Colour Material Pack size Price Unit Quantity
0861978 0861978 11.18mm moulded push-in feet in Polyethylene 4.83mm 11.18mm 8.38mm 5.58mm Black Polyethyene 10.000
Price Unavailable
0861950 0861950 7.9mm moulded push-in feet in black Polylastomer 1.50mm 7.9mm 2mm 4mm 4.66mm 1.5mm Black Polylastomer 1000
Price Unavailable
0862100 SNAP-IN FOOT POLYLASTOMER BLK 2.54MM 1K 2.54mm 12.70mm 1.78mm 7.62mm 9.65mm 2.29mm Black Polylastomer 1000
Price Unavailable
0862121 SNAP-IN FOOT POLYLASTOMER BLK 7.11mm 14.22 2.03mm 7.62mm 9.65mm 4.32mm Black Polylastomer 15.000
Price Unavailable