Wieland Electric is one of the global technology and innovation leaders in the field of pluggable connections for building system technology and industrial automation. 

Wieland’s activities focus on development, production and sales of innovative products and systems that overcome the restrictions of previous electrical installations and break new ground. This is exemplified by the pluggable installation system gesis® that revolutionised building installation 30 years ago; since then they have been the unchallenged market leader. Wieland are continuously opening up new application areas for their pluggable installation systems. 

For Wieland it goes without saying that their components and systems are characterised by the highest quality, reliability and durability. They not only want to deliver the best components, but also as a system supplier want to support their customers wherever electricity and signals are distributed and managed in buildings and systems. We have access to the whole range of Wieland products.

Wieland products

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