Cembre CA-M & 2A-M Cable Lugs

Cembre CA-M and 2A-M ranges of copper tube terminals are designed for high voltage applications up to 33kV. The extended barrel enhances both electrical and mechanical performance. The absence of an inspection hole prevents moisture entry into the crimped joint.

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Code Description Conductor Size Stud Ø øi B M N L d Price Unit Quantity
2A3-M8 2A3-M8 Cembre heavy duty lug 16mm² 16mm² 8mm 5.8mm 15mm 9mm 8mm 43.5mm 8.4mm
£109.00 (exc VAT) per 100
£130.80 (inc VAT)
2A5-M10 2A5-M10 Cembre heavy duty lug 25mm² 25mm² 10mm 7mm 18mm 11mm 10mm 55mm 10.5mm
£62.00 (exc VAT) per 50
£74.40 (inc VAT)
2A7-M12 2A7-M12 Cembre heavy duty lug 35mm² 35mm² 12mm 8.9mm 21mm 14mm 12mm 62mm 13.2mm
£97.00 (exc VAT) per 50
£116.40 (inc VAT)
2A14-M10 2A14-M10 Cembre heavy duty lug 70mm² 70mm² 10mm 11.3mm 21mm 11mm 10mm 63mm 10.5mm
£147.50 (exc VAT) per 50
£177.00 (inc VAT)
2A14-M12 2A14-M12 Cembre heavy duty lug 70mm² 70mm² 12mm 11.3mm 22mm 14mm 12mm 75mm 13.2mm
£154.00 (exc VAT) per 50
£184.80 (inc VAT)
2A19-M12 2A19-M12 Cembre heavy duty lug 95mm² 95mm² 12mm 13.5mm 25mm 14mm 12mm 81.5mm 13.2mm
£115.00 (exc VAT) per 25
£138.00 (inc VAT)
2A24-M12 2A24-M12 Cembre heavy duty lug 120mm² 120mm² 12mm 15.2mm 28.5mm 14mm 12mm 87mm 13.2mm
£88.35 (exc VAT) per 15
£106.02 (inc VAT)
2A37-M16 2A37-M16 Cembre heavy duty lug 185mm² 185mm² 16mm 19.2mm 35.5mm 19mm 17mm 114mm 17mm
£203.25 (exc VAT) per 15
£243.90 (inc VAT)
2A37-M20 2A37-M20 Cembre heavy duty lug 185mm² 185mm² 20mm 19.2mm 35.5mm 22mm 20mm 120mm 21mm
£259.50 (exc VAT) per 15
£311.40 (inc VAT)
2A80-M16 2A80-M16 Cembre heavy duty lug 400mm² 400mm² 16mm 27mm 51mm 22mm 19mm 140mm 17mm
£167.00 (exc VAT) per 5
£200.40 (inc VAT)
2A100-M16 2A100-M16 Cembre heavy duty lug 500mm² 500mm² 16mm 30.3mm 56.5mm 22mm 19mm 147mm 17mm
£49.20 (exc VAT) per EACH
£59.04 (inc VAT)