Miniature Cross Section Plenum Rated

Miniature cross section Plenum rated standard Dome-top Barb Ty cable ties feature a smooth domed head and a stainless-steel locking barb which provides consistent performance, reliability, and infinite adjustability through entire bundle range. The premium cable ties offer high strength and low thread force.

No detailed specifications are available for this product.

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Code Description Length Width Thickness Bundle max Minimum loop tensile strength Colour Price Unit Quantity
BT2M-M0 Panduit BT2M-M0 Dome-Top® barb ty - - - - - -
£44.13 (exc VAT) per 1000
£52.96 (inc VAT)
BT1M-M0 Panduit BT1M-M0 Dome-Top® barb ty - - - - - -
£20.46 (exc VAT) per 1000
£24.55 (inc VAT)
BT1M-C Panduit BT1M-C 102x2.4mm Dome-top Barb Ty Nylon 6.6 cable tie 102mm 2.4mm 0.9mm 23mm 80N Natural
£2.55 (exc VAT) per 100
£3.06 (inc VAT)
BT4M-C Panduit BT4M-C Dome-Top® barb ty cable tie, miniature cross section, 14.2" 361mm 361mm 2.4mm 1.2mm 201mm 80N Natural
£10.04 (exc VAT) per 100
£12.05 (inc VAT)