KLAUKE EKSD50ML Electromechanical Stripping Tool 6 - 35 mm²

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The new Klauke EKSD50ML Electromechanical Stripping Tool features 4 stripping dies (10 mm², 16 mm², 25 mm², 35 mm²). The cutting portion of the dies can be used to cut copper and aluminium cables up to a diameter of 11.5 mm. These may be solid, stranded or fine stranded. Even small copper bars can be cut. Don’t cut steel nor ACSR wire. Cables can be cut without additional insert changes.

The Power Sense function makes the tool easy to use. Just insert the cable, press the control button and finished stripping. Ergonomic up to 80% less manual force is required. Cables can be cut without additional insert changes. Excellent stripping results with minimum effort.

Dies include:
SD5010 - For  10 mm²
SD5016 - For  16 mm²
SD5025 - For  25 mm²
SD5035 - For  35 mm²
SD50CS - Cable Stop

Conductor classes:

1 - Single-stranded round conductor

2 - Multi-stranded round conductor

5 - Fine-stranded round conductor

6 - Ultra fine-stranded round conductor

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