Cembre B500E Battery Hydraulic Crimping Tool

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The next generation of Cembre cordless hydraulic tools represents a significantly advantageous evolution from current models.

Born of the renowned B51 type crimping tool, first into the market is the 63kN B 500, suitable for a wide range of connectors up to 300 sqmm using die sets common to the Cembre 50kN tooling range.

New Li-Ion 18 V 4 Ah batteries offer a higher capacity than 14.4 V 3 Ah, while greater crimping speed and crimping force result from a revitalized hydraulic system with double speed action: a rapid approach of the dies to the connector then a slower, more powerful speed for crimping.

A maximum pressure sensor and security valve assure greater precision and repeatability of the pressure cycle and double the provision for operator safety.

The OLED display provides essential real time tool operating information data including:

Crimping force being  generated, for confirmation of adherence to norms and best practice

Battery power availability

Tool identification, LED state, reset, no. of operational and service crimping cycles

Tool service required to maintain optimum condition.

Designed with less weight and improved balance, B500 is easily manageable during the crimping process and, by the use of bi-component plastics, has a shell with high resistance to wear and damage.

Rubber grip inserts, low noise and minimal vibration aid operator comfort while additional convenience and safety are provided by LED lighting of the working area.

Crimping cycle data (upto 200,000 events) is automatically stored on a memory card for transfer to PC by USB interface.

CategoryBattery Hydraulic Crimp
Crimping force60kN
Crimping range6 - 300mm²
Battery voltage18v
Battery capacity4.0 Ah, Li-Ion
Charging time80 min
Weight including battery4.2kg

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