Panduit PAT System


Take Productivity to New Heights with the Next Generation Panduit PAT 4.0 Cable Tie System

Productivity is critical when it comes to high-volume harnessing, assembly, fastening, and packaging applications. To remain competitive, manufacturers are faced with the constant struggle to increase throughput, reduce lead times, and meet customer expectations. The Panduit PAT 4.0 Automatic Cable Tie Installation System addresses these challenges by introducing a series of next generation features and functionality to transform wire bundling and assembly as you know it.

Bundling Systems:

• Industry leading cycle times that are 25% faster than other automatic cable tie systems which provide maximum bundling productivity that is 6X that of conventional manual cable tie installations

• User friendly icon-based LCD touch screen simplifies user navigation and provides intuitive help screens to improve troubleshooting and minimize the learning curve for operators, thus keeping your work force dynamic and productive

• Lightweight Ergonomic Tool Head reduces operator fatigue and maximizes manoeuvrability while minimizing the risk of repetitive motion injury commonly associated with manual cable tie installation tools.

The PAT 4.0 Cable Tie System can be configured for factory network communication, industrial control applications, and robotics integration through the following components:

• Data Interface (DI)- RJ45 Ethernet connection that provides production data for analysis as well as troubleshooting

• Electronic Interface (EI)- 25 pin D-Sub connection allows the user to remotely control the PAT system through industrial controls and robotic applications


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Panduit PAT System